holding the pick and closing the right hand ?

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so I am doing exercises on speed and dexterity, and since I was struggling with a fast alternate picking, and saw a video of guthrie govan showing his recommended technique whci is to hold the pick very firmly, index not pointing towards the pointy end of the pick


so should I hold the pick differently based on what I am doing? i.e. if strumming relax/rhythm guitar, don't hold the pick so tight and have the index pointing towards the pointy end of pick (towards the guitar body), AND when shreding/soloing/lead guitar, holding the pick much tighter with index almost parallel (but opposite) to thumb ???

is it the right idea to adapt the holding technique based on what you play ? or should I

Lastly, I heard that it wasn't recommended to strum with the hand open, right hand should be closed,thoughts on that? Personnaly, if my index is pointing towards guitar body I tend to have my hand more open and more relaxed, while when it is in the position Guthriementions my hand is closed, more tense.

is there a ressource here about that (I have already seen the introduction videos of Lisa and Christopher in the fundamentals).

this would be the open hand relax position, similar to what is shown in GF1, that I use when strumming

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Your hand looks perfect!

Everybody is going to have their preferences, and some ways of holding the pick are a little more conducive to certais style of playing.

Looks like your instincts are spot-on.

Have fun! - Lisa

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