Possibly the best metal album ever...

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"Rust in Peace" by Megadeth. The guitar work on the album is absolutely insane!! Dave Mustaine's riffs are way better than anyhing Hetfied could ever dream of writing or playing. Marty Friedman's solos on this album are on Steve Vai's level of playing, you just have to hear it to see what I'm talking about. I'd even recomend this album to Jazz fans, the musicianship is so stunning that even a metal hating jazz fan could get into it.

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I agree with you Loner. Rust in peace is an awesome album. But consider this: James and Dave have very different styles of playing. Take the album for what it is, which is extremely good, and try to not label or try to say which is better. I always used to do that and once I just started being more "open minded" my playing level went to new heights. But when it comes to Friedman playing I've got to words for you. Melodic sweeping. Especially with exotic scales. That's what makes his sound so unique.

Ain't nothin' but a Gear thang, baby!
Ain't nothin' but a Gear thang, baby!
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I'd have to give Dave special props for his guitar work on hangar 18...I think it's phenominal!
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everyone has there own opinon, personally i like rust in peace but i don't know if its the best. I'm not trying to take anything away from megadeth (i love em') But how could an album produced, played and sang by a man whos high on God knows what be the best. Like i said everyone is different and so are their opinions but better albums are out there and better ones will come. Its just my opinion don't let it burst your bubble.

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