Starting to take this thing seriously... Hello!

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Hi All,

Andrew here from Leeds in the UK. I've been playing guitar fifteen years and now I think I'm at an age (30) where I ought to start taking it seriously!

I have been playing guitar pretty much as long as I've been into music. I enjoy music across all genres from black metal to blues and plenty of music you won't find a guitar anywhere near.

I bought myself my first 'proper' guitar last year, an American Special Strat. Prior to the Strat I played predominantly heavy metal/rock oriented guitars with thick necks (I have a seven string kicking about somewhere) but as my tastes have widened I really wanted to get back to basics. I love the Strat and it sounds great through the Orange Crush 20 Watt I bought a couple of months ago.

While I have picked up bits of theory over the years, I signed up to GT to really learn about the theoretical mechanics of music with a view to improving my playing through regular practise as well as eventually being confident and knowledgable enough to write my own compositions beyond a few chords at a time.

My passion has been reignited and that in part is down to the service at GT - thank you!

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Hi Andrew,

So glad to have you part of the Guitar Tricks community! I have a Strat also, and yes, they're awesome!

I've always been curious about running a Strat into an Orange, I bet the tone is pretty crunchy. Anyways, if you have any questions just ask.



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Hello Andrew! It´s a great decision to take it seriously! I am looking forward to see you here in the forum!

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