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Hello everybody!
This is Andrew Jilin from Moscow again.
Please listen to my new album for classical guitar, flute and string quartet
Here is the link and the press release

This new album of Moscow flutist and composer Andrew Jilin is a delightful mix of two great music cultures of the world: European academic music culture and traditional Japanese music culture. Andrew plays traditional Japanese music since 2006. His previous works were done in authentic Japanese mood. But this time Andrew discovers new styles. These pieces are arranged for string quartet, classical guitar and traditional Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi. You will hear some brand new Andrew's pieces, traditional Japanese music and something special of course. Unlike previous works this one is more close to common European people that are not interested much in authentic world music cultures. Andrew had also a good piece of partnership with other musicians here: American guitar player Gregory Frus, Saint-Petersburg composer Roman Stanskov and famous shakuhachi duet "Two Bamboos". Together these musicians have created a unique piece of music for a modern people who seem to have heard everything but still looking for some kind of new music based on strong traditions! Have a nice journey!
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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing this.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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