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Hi everybody. I have posted a few messages elsewhere, but I thought I would formally introduce myself and say how glad I am to have found this web site. I have been playing guitar off and on for about ten years, but never really progressed beyond basic chords. But with the help of this site and others, I am finally stepping into the realm of theory.
I like Dylan, Dead, Floyd, Neil, and "Americana" such as James McMurtry, Lucinda, Son Volt, etc. Also jazz and bluegrass. But I am open to different styles. I am currently working on a few songs of my own, trying to come up with lyrics to go with a few cool chord progressions I found. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again to whoever runs this thing. It's a great site.
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Well then is is an honor to be the first one
giving you an official welcome!
Im sure you will find this site very helpful.
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oh geez david. dont go sayin all them nice things , the guys will be impossible to get along with.
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