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04/10/2015 6:40 pm
Hi John,
Well it's not like the guitar is going to suck up a bunch of water over night
Yes the luthiers know what their doing but they do it their way and does not mean it's right for all of us.
Wood is selected and very tight as far as the pores of the wood goes.
I'm sure you heard that the longer and more played guitar sounds better after a few years.
The wood resonates and responds to different tones.
I have a few $200.00 guitars here and I converted then to electric with sound blenders and they sound great.
Just play and don't worry about it because one day will be dry and the next 5 days will be wet.
On the cheap guitars I replace the nut and bridge with that Tusk material then put on a good set of strings and that guitar will be hard to put down.
I have a nice SeaGull but I think my $300.00 Epiphon Dove sounds much better.
I have that dehumidifier I told you about and it's nothing but an A/C unit.
On super humid days I have it in the bed room and set on low.
By 6:PM the pan is full of water.
Heat is attracted to cold so that pan full of chilled water will pull in some humid air.
To much moisture and to much dry air will damage most wood so this why I use the dehumidifier.
Also where you live and where I live makes a big difference.
During the winter I just use a small plastic cup but in the summer the humidity is so thick I see Perch swimming by :-)

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