iPad app sound issue

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I have installed the iPad app on my iPad mini however there is no sound when play any videos and I can only get them to play correct using a browser. Anyone know if this is a bug or issue?
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john of MT
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Previous such problems reported here were caused by the iPad's mute switch being accidentally turned on...check yours. ;)
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thanks john all my other apps work with the ringer on mute and can hear sound seems bit strange the app not programmed the same unless the app come under game audio. The reason being I don't won't to hear notifications when watching a video or film anyway thanks it working but not as I expected

When you mute your iPad, you won't hear these sounds:
Sound effects
Game audio

You'll still hear sound from your media, such as these:
TV shows
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Hi there,

Sorry you were having issues. These are the steps to take to make sure the lessons have sound on iPad.

Adding to this for more tips...

Also, if you open your 'control center', can you please click and verify that mute isn't turned on? To access control center, swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen and then click the icon that looks like a bell.

Here's an article about how the ipad side switch works. It can control muting audio or locking screen rotation, and we have had other users that have inadvertently muted their audio with the switch:


Please let us know if any of these fixes the issue for you.
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