What kind of guitar tone(s) do you go for?

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I personally shoot for the ...And Justice for all tone.

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Uncle Istvan
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I play with a really heavy bottom and top, and scoop out the mids. It's good for metal/punk/thrash. Uhmm... someone said I sounded like the guy from Sepultura, but don't really think so...
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I just try to make my own unique tone.
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I like to have a plethora of different tones to choose from, like a painters palette. For cleans i like a shimmer and a sparkle, and for dirty i like a very concise tone, not overly bassy, not overly trebly, and a very slight midrange, just enough to hear the mids' voice but not enough to sound small. For leads, you gotta crank the hell out of the midrange and use compression, the leads just jump out. Thats what i like though, a really full sound. It's nice whenever you're used to being the lone guitarist, but i guess if you work with other ones you may have to trim some of the fat. Good post by the way. We can get an idea how everyone sounds.

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Vulgar Display of Jeff
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I like my guitar tone like my peanut butter...Chunky.
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