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08/21/2014 9:41 am
Originally Posted by: Steve BarrowGreat chops Rich! Surely you and your bandmates must now include a blues like this in the Radio Gap setlist? It would be a brilliant counterpoint to the rock songs. Anyway, it's lovely stuff - thanks from a huge fan of blues guitar! Steve

I second this. Your Blues playing is good enough to justify throwing a Blues Jam into the setlist :) Just do like GNR in their early years. Their setlists often contained a Blues Jam before the last song, which is a trend they've taken up again with the current lineup... What's even better, is that this sounds exactly like something I'd expect GNR to pull off before their last song!

After hearing this recording a few more times (okay, maybe a dozen or two), I've found that this thing gets stuck in my head and it just won't go away!
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