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08/20/2014 8:31 pm
Originally Posted by: maggiorGood ear!! For clean mellow stuff, I always tend to go to my neck pickup whether it be single coil (my strat) or humbucker (les paul). For the amp, I just scroll through until the tone of one of them strikes my fancy. Then I scroll through the cabinet selections and do the same.

I think I can find out specifically what amp this "US Blues" setting models. If I can, I'll let you know.

Thanks :)

I actually started using the '57 Deluxe model after hearing my two biggest Danish guitar heroes telling me to find my own tone instead of trying to copy someone else's tone. Amazing how those two can just be a constant source of motivation for me :)

I haven't dug into all the weird stuff I can do with my amp yet... I know there's a bunch of amp models. Then there are some cabinets I can use which is pretty okay, as it let's me play around with different cabs for different amps. And then there's the emulated Mic-positioning which apparently also affects the final tone, not only when I record, but when jamming alone as well! I'm almost beginning to think that I might not ever need a real tube amp with all this versatility...
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