Amazing Old school tapping

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Have any of you guys seen this video? I don't like the title, because I never though Van Halen invented tapping. But the video is sweet:
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Would of loved to see this guy on an electric Guitar.
Now i see were evh got his tapping skills from.
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I know right! This guy was so innovative because I'm sure no one was doing stuff like that back then. He probably just spent a lot of time trying new stuff and just figured it out on his own.
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Greg Frus
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Wow!! The walking bass line towards the end was really cool!!
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The thing I want to know is how he was strumming chords while his right hand is tapping! Was he tapping with his left hand as well?! Was he sneaking in a strum here and there?! I swear I heard strumed chords and I couldn't see how he was doing it. Suppose he has one of those kariokee robots hidden inside his sound box? Was he finger sincing to a prerecorded rythum part, or am I going blind?

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