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06/10/2014 6:12 pm
Originally Posted by: maggiorThanks for the well wishes Kasperow! I'll definitely keep everybody posted...hopefully with good reports :-).

Good luck with your band...hopefully you can get it off the ground!

You're welcome, Rich. I'm still having problems getting this band off the ground. For starters, I haven't heard from the other guitarist in a month now, the Bassist hasn't responded yet regarding whether or not he has time to jam again soon, and every decent drummer I've had lined up in the last two months have ditched me for no reason at all (really. They just cut off all communication. If only they'd give me a reason, that'd be nice).

I'm thinking of finding some other people than those, considering the less than professional attitude displayed, even though I played really well the the Bassist last time we jammed and with the guitarist at my music-school gig last month (after which I've heard nothing from him). I like their styles, but I don't want to let them keep me from reaching my own goal, which Joe Perry pretty much set in stone for me this Friday, when Aerosmith played in Denmark (best 120$ spent and best use of 4½ hours ever! Really. Both Aerosmith and the Opening Acts, Walking Papers and Pretty Maids, rocked!). I'd rather keep looking for a Drummer and another Bassist and maybe some kind of Keys and the others in mind for a side-project, than let some people who don't seem serious about their music hold me back.

In the meantime, I'll follow your adventure (again) with as much anticipation as during "season one" :)
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