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07/22/2014 8:49 pm
Originally Posted by: maggiorThanks for having a listen Kasperow. Of the 3, the one I made with the PRS is my favorite. I had made that one right after being done with the last music store band and I felt "on". With the LP one (this one), I felt like I was trying more to NOT play things for fear of repeating myself. The more I've listened to it I've warmed up to it though. As Primus says on the title of their greatest hits album "they can't all be zingers!". :-).

That's cool that you got your practice/rehearsal space cleared up. Doing that can make a big difference. I did something similar back in January and it really got me going in the right direction.

Good luck with Ableton. It would be awesome if you could post some recordings!

Yeah, the music room needed it. Really. Before, I had less than 1 square meter of empty floor, now I have at least 12 square meters, so it's a massive improvement. Now I just need to make it look inspiring too... Maybe a Stack would help? For some reason I always feel inspired when looking at or playing through a Stack (not necessarily Marshall. There are plenty of good brands out there)... They're just way too loud for home-use and I doubt I can justify buying one as long as I'm not in a band... Or maybe just a Thunderbird Bass? After all, I've been intending to learn to play Bass as well for some time now, so maybe I should try and see if I can find a cheap Thunderbird somewhere? Anything to make the music room more inspiring!

I'll try messing around with Ableton when I get the time. Just don't expect quite the same style as my last shared recording. My ideal lineup has changed in favour of keys instead of double guitars after the Aerosmith gig last month. I'll still try and make something that sounds cool, though :cool:
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