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Joined: 05/30/24
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04/26/2014 10:13 pm
First things first,congratulation' on your new prs guitar....
What do you think of it,how do you like the feel of the neck...and what color is it...sorry for all the questions ,welcome too the prs family.any how back to the main topic at hand..
Rich you sound GREAT u really do...
I was getting right into ur groove...
Some real cool palm muteing goin on,nice blues licks,overall it sounded awsome bro.
Very smooth playing..
But i would have to agree with you,ur tone sounded like you had the treble all the way up....its nothing that caint be tweaked alittle bit....btw you have some cool bends in there..i know when will i be be truthfull,i still do not know how to arrange my recording's on to the usb flash drive ,then onto my pc..but i will have my wifes cousin comeing over to show me how its done...he is real good with stuff like this...he eats,drinks and sleep's this stuff...back to you,very impressive playing...