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Originally Posted by: rhwToughest thing is when you get a response, getting a time when everyone can meet. Also, are they smokers? Find somewhere neutral to meet (Tim's). You don't know these people and they don't know you! Best is to find a 'Jam' studio to rent and meet there, when you finally get sorted out. Drums and P.A. are supplied and it's cheaper/better than having strangers in your home.
Finally, Canada rocks Eh! (pardon me, never mind, sorry.....)

I have to say, I used to be quite paranoid about all that. I had several "gates" people had to pass... First some emails; what are the responses like? Do they type in complete sentences? Use all caps? Then a preliminary phone call, etc.

These days I just email 'em. If they can show up, great. My garage is done over for music, double walled, triple locked, steel reinforced jambs and no windows (I guess I'm still paranoid, but secure lol). I have the advantage no one needs to enter my house.

Maybe I've been lucky. Any one have horror stories to put me back on my toes? :eek: ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.