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Originally Posted by: compart1
I looked through Craigs list after I posted this thread and it would be another lottery senario.

That, unfortunately, is the nature of the game.

I have found better success in posting my own ads. And the ad itself is a big factor.

Having been doing this for a few years, I find specifying my needs/expectations and song lists, etc, in a big long ad produce lesser results for some reason.

I'd think people tend to be "shy", except that I've put out double ads with one specifying lots of stuff, and at the same time, brief ones asking for more casual/non-experienced folks without listing expectations. I've had Totally Pro (waaayyy beyond me) people respond to the 'casual' ads and never the expectation ads.

Go figure!

So, change your 'bait' and see what happens :) ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.