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Every band mate I have has been found on Kijiji. It is a classifieds online, probably a Canadian thing, I am not sure, but I am certain your location has something similar. Never tried Craigslist (for anything ever). It's too global, like eBay. You need to seek local. Kijiji has brought me some misses, but has also built my band. I have a really great bunch I am happy to play and hang with (just got done a great open mic tonight).

Classifieds are dicey, and even scary at first. I was reticent on giving any info until a correspondent had passed several "gates" (ie: First Gate was they typed in actual sentences, then a phone call, etc). But it worked out for me. Well enough that I barely canvass anymore.

There are folks on GT I'd love to jam with but the global nature and excellent attraction of this site means folks most likely live elsewhere! Try your local online classifieds and take a chance. You could be pleasantly surprised. :) ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.