A BIG thanks and a bonehead question...plus a quick hello

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Hello all... my name is Mike I've been playing for about 1 year , I am 34 years of age and have short little fingers.Two strikes against me right off the start LOL.
I have been blessed with owning my own business, which is retail furniture. The thing I enjoy most about this is I am able to log in HUGE amounts of practice time all day long , between customers phone calls ETC. Some days I may get in 6 hours of playing time in between work and home and I am improving very rapidly... hehehe go figure.
I play without a drum machine and always by myself. I am at this point working on my scales (major and pents). I was getting frusterated because my scales sounded so machanical and was also becoming bored with it (to a point). And then I just happened to roll into this sight looking for something different and I hit your Jam link. WOW!!!!!
These scales I have been grinding away at for hours and hours and hours,sound pretty stinkin good with rythem behind them... duh..
I am going to buy a Drum machine that will play some of these progressions and I have no idea what one I should get. Any help?
And now for the bonehead question... What is the chord progression for the "fast blues" in the Jam area? E/A/D?
Wow long winded sorry.... thanks again

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Jon Broderick
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I don't know about the drum machines, but that chord pattern on the fast blues jam is Em7, G, A.

Glad you like the site.

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