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The synth, drums, bass, and sitar were all done in Fruity Loops 3. Great program . . . extreme learning curve, but well worth its weight in gold. I recorded the guitar and mixed everything in ACID, and then did some tweaking and compression in Sound Forge.

There are some parts of the drum beat I'm not happy with so far (I need to make the transitions smoother), but I can fix all that when I do a final mix with you and Ed's stuff.

01:57 - 02:28, did you get my "song map"? . . . the first part goes E5maj7, E5, F#5maj7th, F#5. I don't really know what to play over this part. I'd try some tapping or some E major and F# major arpeggios. (doesn't really matter as long as it sounds totally balls out) Then it goes to the add9 chords - A5add9, B5add9, G5add9. The G will give you a bit of a problem here, but A lydian still sounds fine. Then it goes between E5 and C5. (obvious choice, E minor)

So the whole thing goes -

E5maj7, E5, F#5maj7th, F#5 (repeat)
A5add9, B5add9, A5add9, B5add9, G5add9 (repeat)
E5, C5 (repeat x4)

By the way, don't feel that you have to confine yourself just to that part for your solos. We'll see what Ed comes up with, and then have you fill in the gaps.