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12/23/2012 4:33 pm
Hi again everyone, top of thee morning to you all! Barney E. Cull is a character in one of the four novels titled, 'Mr. Modem (Man Of Dark Energy Matter). Barney E. Cull is trapped inside of a giant head that's growing up out of the ground in middle of the memory stick forest. Barney was sent there by this three headed witch who lied to barney and this giant eel while they were back on their home world within oceans of Europa. The witches needed this ogling eye from this giant eel and Barney tricked the eel into giving up this ogling eye/sphere in exchange for the witches releasing his imprisoned friends. Suffice it to say, Barney is now embedded within this head's brain with millions of others who have fallen through a black hole and onto the PC planet at the bottom of this vast well. This head is a virus who is vying in trying to take control over the pc world. This head is vying with Raatman, The green Lightbulb, Arachnid boy etc. in possessing this mechnical world which is slowly evolving into a biologic one. Once it fully delvelops into a biologic one this planet or, who ever has controll over it will become omnipotent and rule all the universes and dimensions. The witches need this oglingeye/talking head to gain control over the pc world
Barney, who has become a neotransmitter inside of this head, who is, at this point and time, a fuddy duddy experiences same thoughts and knowledge as this talking head. Barney has now become Hal E. Butt, another humanoid aquaintance of his from europa who was also sent to this pc planet. Hal E. Butt was on his way through this memory stick forest (aka flash drive forest) when he encounters a herd of monster size baboons. Poor Barney who is imprisoned within the brain's membrane has become Hal due to this fuddy duddy head who knows quite a bit about what's is going on upon this pc planet. Barney sees whatever the heads sees. Barney/Hal has wet clothes and matches and no defense aginst these primates. You want to know what he does to befriend these angry swarms of baboons? He sings,

"Billabong song
Get back to where you belong
You can't go wrong
You got to be strong
To listen to the Billabong song
Be like King Kong
Wallabies and wannabe's
Wallowing in the billabong song
It won't take long
Down by the billabong
Chase away those throngs
Put on those sandals
Put on those thongs
Ding dong, ding dong
The billabong song
Sing it when you play ping pong
You won't get gong
You can't go wrong
If you sing the billabong song
Sing it when you play mahjongg
Sing it when you sit on a great wall
Dynasty of Wong
Sing it when you make love
Have no qualms
Sing it with your barbecue
Use those thongs
Sing it with Neil Yong
Billabong song
You got to be strong
To listen to the billabong song."

OK so its an obnoxious beer drinking song. The melody is every bit as obnoxious as the lyrics. If you heard this song, you'd probably be inclined to do same exact thing as these over size apes did-RUN!!!! have nice day everyone and this tune is destined to make the charts!!! I am looking for someone to collaborate? My novels will become best sellers. Not boasting just want someone to do demoes in exchange for a contract. You'll prosper! P.S. the song is brand new so lyrics need some more work??? P.S.P.S. these super heroes, green lightbulb, Raatman etc., I wrote this to antagonize Marvel comics because when I wrote them asking if they would license Mr. Modem they wrote back stating they dont have the resources. This is right after they grossed 300 million from the Avengers. I am making Raatman, Green Light Bulb etc look like idiots compared to Mr Mode. I'm going to own Marvel as soon as i get my website and market plan up and running.