15 year old guitarist video

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Just saw this video.....another kid just destroying my hopes of being good haha
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Instead of thinking of these youngsters as destroying anything, this should be an inspiration. Think of it like this, if a kid that you (or younger) can do this, I can too! What I do.. why I quit complaining earlier on about short fingers... time made them hit those long fret distances eventually :) Just nothing I can do about the arthritis.
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Everyone can be a great guitar player. It just needs a lot of time and dedication. When you see someone younger then you and better it only means that he put more time and effort in it, thats all. So take him as an example instead of comparing yourself ;)

Also, heres a thought that might ease off the pressure you put on yourself. Eventually we all die and we dont bring our guitar skills with us in heaven :p
So have fun for the time it last ... without comparing or judging yourself.
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Keep in mind that Hunter is just kidding when he says "destroying..." don't take him too literally. And I know what he means.. sometimes you just see something like that and think "man, I'm so far behind..." But yeah, to each their own... play to your strengths. The guitar solo by The Edge in "New Years Day" is still one of my favorite solos ever, and its really nothing that complicated, but it sure fit the music. There's a saying "third eye blind" meaning rather than looking at yourself you are just caught up in what you are doing and not judging yourself or the quality of your music/performance.

By the way, as great as the kid in the video is, and not to take one bit away from his technical skills, I don't find his music all that listenable. That slap-pop-tap-harmonic stuff is great for about 20secs, but I couldn't listen to a whole CD of that. Too frantic for my taste, though I did like Kaki King's "Playing with Pink Noise" so I don't know why this kid's thing didn't really grab me.
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