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03/22/2002 3:55 pm
Metal bars

Crawling back into my own skin,
I’m so scared..this might be a sin.
Can’t get out in this terrible life,
I think I’ll just sleep,
Until my heartbeat goes out.

Your actions grew into me for the worst,
I can’t walk out that door,
Scared someone will bruise me some more.
Now I look forward to the day I let go,
All the pain…I don’t want to let show.
Hide behind the covers and I feel safe,
Close my eyes..I still see you’re face.

Verse 1:
You taught me things I should never know,
I was too I told you to go.
But I soon found out that you didn’t take NO’S,
So you put me to the test,
Said I was the best.
Tortured my body and my mentality,
And left me to cry.

Verse 2:
See that you’re proud of what you have done.
You finished your life while mine has begun.
You’ll be sent in a box
And have me in your thoughts

Verse 3:
You’ll be smiling at the thought of your action,
But I’m sure you’ll pray, every single day,
That you were strike another girls’ dreams
It’ll never happen,
You got caught.
Now you’re stuck behind metal bars.

well thats IT!!!!..comment plz.