Hotel California is here!

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It's taken a lot of time and work but we're proud to present our song lesson for "Hotel California" by The Eagles.

This isn't a YouTube video. This in-depth lesson with Anders will show you every guitar part, exactly how it's played on the album.

As you know, there is an amazing collection of guitar chords, licks and techniques in this song. So take your time, enjoy and learn one of the most requested guitar songs of all time, right here:

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great work! unfortunately I already know how to play this song.

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It's great to see new material whether it's a new lesson or a cover song. I understand how much work it is to acquire the rights and permission for cover songs. Everyone will have a blast with Hotel Calif., such an awesome song. So thanks so very much Neal and Guitar Tricks and thank you Anders for ripping it up. I truly appreciate all you effort...Michael
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Absolutely awesome. Thank you.
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You really nailed that song! Awesomely done! I think that would even bring a tear to Glen's eye just hearing how well that was done.

Thanks GT for putting together a great song!

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I really wonder how much GT has payed to actually being allowed to do this song. Eagles lessons on Youtube are constantly removed as with original Hotel California videos etc.

There are some really nasty lawyers on those things, but it's great to see GT legally having this song!
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Is what sets GT apart from all the rest. They take the time to get the rights to make things right by us...
And my earlier post said that Anders nailed it... he not only NAILED it.. Anders applied liquid nails to that thing, three rolls of duct tape and even used some shrink wrap on that biatch to make sure it STAYED nailed! I listened to that performance side by side with the original and you CANNOT tell the difference from either one!
Glad GT takes that time to make things right!

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