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Recently, I've purchased a Line 6 Spider II (Yes I know it's old but it still kicks ass!), a POD XT and a FBV Shortboard for the system. I have got to say... I LOVE THEM!
With the Shortboard alone and having now found a ton of amp settings for bands' sounds, I've been able to tune in to these sounds with a tap of the foot! With the POD XT that I got as well, I have found that I've got something like 300 more Amp emulations as well.
I know that this is all digital and doesn't have any tubes, but for someone like me that wants to try and get as close to the actual sounds of the guitars I am trying to hit, it thrills me to death! So for those that have thought about getting a POD, I highly recommend it..
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I use the POD XT for all the channel episodes, I really like it. It's got good tones and plays well with technology: XLR, USB, etc.
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Actually drooling over this whole line I set up. The Line 6 Spider II Amp, the Line 6 FB Shortboard and the Line 6 POD XT which I tied into both my computer and amp... awesome sounds hitting out there without all of the HIGH dollars invested in other equipment. For someone getting started will let ya all know the breakdown.
Line 6 212 Spider II Amp (150 Watts, 2 75 Watt Speakers) $225
Line 6 FBV Shortboard and POD XT $245 (Hell of a deal off Ebay!)

My Boss Distortion Pedal alone cost me $105 a few months back.. can get it off now for like $35, my Gibson Chorus, Gibson Flanger, and Gibson Overdrive were each $30 and they could only give me a limited sound through my old 15 watt amp..

And here the wife thought I was getting into a cheap hobby :D
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