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This is where I believe I am wanting answers...
I bought a used Line 6 Spider II 212 from the pawn shop today. Amp is in mint shape. All the knobs are where they belong, speakers are all in one piece... the amp looks like something you'd get from a place like guitar center used. Just one small problem.. no manual..
I was able to find the manual from Line 6 itself, but nothing at all on the Amp Models to speak of and nothing there about band presets. That is what I REALLY wanted this amp for when I snagged it. Was affordable and with all that I read on the presets and stuff you can dial in, you can pretty much imitate a lot of sounds without tons of pedals.
So if ANYONE has a Line 6 Spider II 212, can ya help a stranded player out? I'd love to know some dial ins to make life easy :D I was able to get my Nirvana sound easily for In Bloom and Come As You Are, I will just have to manually hit the channel buttons till I get myself the floor switches for this.
Thanks in advance
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Hi Howard...
Give this link a try..
I didn't download the manual, so I don't know what you'll get..


Hope this helps,
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Thanks much :D
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