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One thing that I have difficulty with is changing chords while playing. For example if I go from a D to a G, I have to stop and realign my fingers then start playing again. Can anyone suggest an easy way to change chords smoothly without stopping?
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jake sommers
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it comes smoothly in time and practice
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That's right. Just keep playing and one day you'll notice you can do it flawlessly. And while you're at it, concentrate on using that pinky for chords. It helps when you use it in phrases.
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Uncle Istvan
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Also, you can just use barre chords.
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I have been playing for about 2 months and my changing of chords getting alot faster and smoother. It is not perfect but I am still working on it. I asked the same question about a month ago and everybody said practice and I sat down that day and practiced changing chords (not strumming just changing chords) for about 2 hours and I
noticed the next day I was alot better. It just takes practice, happy strumming.
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When i started playing guitar, i always wondered how people change chords so quickly without sounding like a duff be honest it just takes time with practice,once you have a mental image of the chords and where they go it will become alot easier....just keep at it , you'll get there in the end!!!

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"Help i've fallen and i can't get.....Hey nice carpet!!!"
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