Rock Ballad theme solo..

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Last night I finally figured how to get my guitar going with Garage Band, so I recorded a little improvised solo over Hanspeter Kruesi's "Rock Ballad" theme...

its pretty short (not the whole theme), nothing special, but since I've given advice & and commented a lot on this site I thought I should put something up just to show that I sort of know how to play guitar! :)
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Nice man...right up my street...!!!
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I like it! Good feel to it, smooth playing.
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nice little piece
I guess you can sorta play..
Thanks for the post..
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Thanks guys, I got some good feedback from Hanspeter... said I need to watch my intonation on the longer notes, so that's something I'll work on.

I thought the guitar sound wasn't bad considering I went straight into my computer with GuitarPort, and then into Garage Band... worked well once I figured it out.

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