How good are wireless systems? (guitar to amp)

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Posted this in the Gear section a few days ago and it only got 15 views and 0 replies, so putting it here to have it seen better:

"I played a gig last night and the band after us inspired me to look into a wireless system. They did the whole get off stage and play out in the crowd thing and blew me away with their showmanship.

I always wondered how a wireless system affected your tone though. Obviously if you pay the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that big artists have you are going to get something good, but what should I be looking at spending for one? Any recommendations on what to look at/for?

I play bass for this band, not sure if it would matter if it's bass or guitar since it's just a signal. I asked the bassist and he said he used something from Sennheiser."
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Can't help you much myself, but I've also tossed around the idea of getting one.

I usually start with a store to get an idea or 2. Line 6 seems to be a best seller.

Aside from signal purity, comments about interference jump off the page. I'm betting that will be a big factor. 2.4ghz is the same frequency range as telephones, is it not? ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.
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