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I see a LOT of you old timers out there (Instructors mostly in the videos) that have these Huge Dollar Gee Tars...
Was over on Gibson's site earlier doing some research and all looking at the values of Les Paul Guitars.. and comparing prices with stores in my area to find out if I made a good purchase on that Washburn WI80 Custom ($1700) or not. Found that what I got goes for about $2500 on most sites I checked into so I got that figured out real fast.
BUT my question (is Neal Walter you are one I know that has a large selection of these guitars as I've seen plenty of your videos :D And JD and Christopher as well... ) How many of you have had some of your guitars gifted to you from doing backups for big names or even manufacturers?
With JD's resume doing a lot of stuff there in Nashville, makes me wonder if let's say he did a backup for Dolly at some point *not saying he has or hasn't just a theoretical situation* and She wound up liking the man and gifted him a guitar for doing a fine job. Know what I mean?
It would be interesting to hear about some of those experiences.. I know I had a blast working security for some bands and stuff while I was in the military and then when I got out of the service. Got to see and talk with some big names and some of them wound up giving me something just to be nice... like when I worked security for Ray Charles back in 87 at Fort Bliss. I was stage security for his crew... after the show he invited all the soldiers that worked security for him to come back and meet every one... I wound up walking out of there with a pair of his shades... wasn't the ones he was wearing at the time.. don't even know if he ever wore them.. but I told him how much I admired them, his bodyguard was told to gimme a pair. Was an awesome guy!
Axl Rose wasn't as nice.. was quite the opposite to the security folks. but that's another story :D That was in 89 St. Louis...

Howard the inquiring mind.
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About 20 years ago I broke up with my girlfriend, but it wasn't tense... you take this, I'll take that sort of thing. She had this acoustic that I played all the time, a gift from her mom, but she never bothered to learn to play. I didn't ask for it, in fact I told her she should keep it because her mom had passed away before we met. But she said that her mom would have wanted the guitar to be played, and that I should take it, so I did. It never occurred to me that it was all that special of guitar until about a year ago I tried a bunch of acoustics in the store and just felt that it was odd how most didn't feel or sound as nice as the one I had at home. So I looked it up... its a Yairi 351 handmade in Japan, apparently worth about $1500-2000. Guess her Mom went all out. Its a very nice guitar and gets used a lot. At least its not collecting dust in her closet!
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Hey Howard,
I appreciate you asking, and all of my guitars have a story. I still have 8, 2 acoustics, and 6 electrics. Only one of these was given to me, and here's the condensed version.

72 Martin D-35 was left to me by my Dad when he passed away in 2008.

71 D-27S Washburn, I paid for washing dishes at a local restaurant in Maggie Valley, NC. back in 1980.

The 93 was my first Fender Telecaster, and I got it in Nashville in 94.

The 70 Fender telecaster is all original, and I got it in Arizona when I was on the road with my band in 2000.

The 2001 Fender Telecaster, I got from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. My wife, and I bought it in 2004 for Christmas.

Anniversary Stratocaster was given to me by some neighbors with a bluegrass band.

B bender Telecaster by Forrest Lee Jr, I got in early 2008.

Double bender Telecaster also by Forrest Lee Jr. was custom made for me. I got it in October of last year, and it's the one I play most at this point.

I still play all of them, but mostly play that one in performances with my band. All of them are American made, but I have modified a few of them slightly. I have many keepsakes from the road, but none of them are guitars.
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