What input do I plug my asctive bass into?

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My bass has active pickups. I know if there is a choice on an amp for passive/active input, that I should plug into the active one. My amp doesn't really label it clearly. There are 2 inputs. One is labeled "Hi" and the other "Lo". I don't have any manuals or anything for the amp.

It is a Tubeworks 7200 Mosvalve

My questions are:
1) Which one do I plug into? I would assume the "Hi" one, but it's just a guess.
2) Could I mess up the amp by plugging it into the wrong one?
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Hi hunter1801,

We all had to think about this one here in the office!

It turns out, with active pickups you should plug into input 2/lo. Here's where we found the info: http://www.genzbenz.com/img/manuals/tw/7200-12_7200-15UserManual.pdf

Hope this works for you!

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I found that manual online, but I still wasn't sure. They use "Input 1" and "Input 2". They don't use the words "Hi" and "Lo" though.

If I were to just make an educated guess, then I think Lo is the one to use like you mentioned. Just because it is on the bottom and I assume it is "2".

Found a picture online of what it looks like. You can see the inputs on the left. Hi is on top and Lo is on bottom.

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Here's how we came up with the answer:

the manual says:
INPUTS Input 1 is +6db for passive basses and Input 2 is set @ 0db for active basses. NOTE: Inputs are summing, allowing for two instruments of similar outputs to be successfully summed.

This tells me that Input 1 has a hotter signal that Input 2

Hi has always meant hotter or louder. If you have an active pickup setup, the signal is being boosted before it leaves the instrument. So it makes sense that you would use the lower level input to balance it out and avoid distortion. :D
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Makes sense now! Thanks for the help.....hm..... now I wonder if I've been plugging into the wrong input at my drummers house when we rehearse. Better check that next time.

Can any damage be done if plugged into the the hotter input with an active bass? You mentioned it getting distortion but is that it?

Found this info when looking myself but doesn't really explain too much:
"Although very few active basses have a signal so hot that you absolutely must use the active input, plugging an active bass into the passive jack could result in distortion."
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