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Just thought I'd introduce myself as I just joined the site as a full member a few days ago. I'm 45 now, and used to play guitar in a band back in my 20's and 30's. There came a time where I was just ready to put my bands day behind me for a while. About a year ago, I decided to get serious about my guitar playing. I dusted off my trusty strat, and started practicing much more diligently than I ever had before. For my lead playing, I've been working from a couple of excellent texts, "Guitar Soloing" and "The Fretboard Workbook" but I wanted something to supplement my books, and also develop my acoustic guitar skills. I'm working through Lisa McCormick's lesson's, wow they are sooo good! Lots of fun! So far Guitar Tricks has been great, I think the value is really there. I've studied with teachers 3 times in the past, but the trouble is, if you forget what they were explaining in the lesson, you're stuck until next time. Not to mention the cost of private lessons. I love that Guitar Tricks lessons are really well laid out, with the video, supporting text and tab. Its a great system. Happy to be here! PS, my real name is Ca. Slipin Lizard is just my internet handle. It was the name of a band we competed against in a "Battle of the Bands" contest we won back in the 80's!
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Hello and welcome




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It is really great.. I love that you can play the lessons over and over. I think a private teacher would end up clobbering me. lol GL
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