Fender 600 Champ reissue

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to share with you this little practice amp I purchased 2 months ago.

I bought the reissue of the famous Fender 600 Champ. Its a 5 watt tube amp with 2 inputs (High and Low). I baught that amp after seeing alot of people on youtube and forums saying that it was a great amp (for the price, offcourse), if you changed the speaker and the tubes . So thats what I did.
I got the amp for 170$ (canadian dollars) and tried it. It worked good but the speaker did sound cheap. So I baught a better speaker and also took the suggestion and baught 2 better tubes (cost me 52$, shipping included).

The difference it made, for a little 52$ more, is awesome. If you guys are interested in buying a tube amp, just for practice at home or if you live in an appartment like me :p , its perfect and cheap !

There's alot of video on youtubes of people that recorded themself before and after the upgrade, if you want to hear the sound of this little amp.
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