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My band (Rotus)! Feels pretty cool to be on a site that big:


If anyone lives near the area and wants to see us play with Michael Anthony that night just use the contact info on the flyer. Should be a fun show!
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Congrats! Remember us little people when you are famous! :)
...so ever since then, I always hang on to the buckle.
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WOW!!! Congratulations!
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You go boyee! What an excellent gig to land! And I'm with Razbo... Remember us.

Dude... So, I'm checking out your myspace pics. How the hell do you know Michael A?
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Friend of a friend sort of thing. Even though I'm a guitarist, I play bass for this band. They needed a bassist so I figured it would be a great opportunity. Not only to learn something new, but to have Mike along side to really help out. Figured I shouldn't pass that opportunity up.
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