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Big as Elvis, Baby
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To answer Bardsley's musing, actually the combination I chose was for versatility, the deluxe reverb has a great clean sound and if you have the venue and can crank it up enough to wake up the power tubes, it has a great scream also, as far as the guitar goes, I demand versatility from a guitar, I really try to get the most I can out of a guitar by choosing the right pickups, experimenting with the tone cap until I get the right sound, modifiy the volume pot so the highs don't dissappear when it's backed down, I found that I can get alot of sounds out of one guitar and one amp by usng the volume , tone and pickup selector switch, but there was a time when a Les Paul thru a Marshall making one sound was all I wanted, it's a glorious sound alright, but now it's just not enough....