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I believe this has been discussed here before...however, it's a good discussion to have and always interesting to read responses. What strings do you use and why? I bought a strat about 4 years ago from a guy in Cali...he threw in 12 sets of Fender Super Bullets as a free bonus because he didn't like the strings...At the time, I was using Ernie Ball 10's. I decided to take the "Sting Challenge" I took all those Super Bullets in to a guitar store and the guy let me trade them for all different kinds...D'Addario's, Ernie Ball, Blue Steal, Dean Markley, Boomers, etc...I tried a ton. Long story short, I came full circle back to Ernie Ball. I really like the longevity of the string, and the bright clean sound it has. I use 10's on my strat and 11's on my tele. I like D'Addarios too, but I have really sweaty hands and find that Ernie Ball seem to last a little longer for me. For acoustics, I LOVE Elixors (sp?) I tried them on my electric and I went through a set after a 2 hour gig, so I didn't like them a lot...anyway, I'm really excited to see all of your responses!
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I heve been using Blue steels Custom light for the past 6-7 years I think. I never tried others since then but those Ernie Balls might find their way on my guitar since one of those days.

I'll give them a try, you never know I might like them more.
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I've been using D'Addario strings since the mid-80's. My electrics all have either EXL-115 or EXL-115W. These sets are identical .011-.049 except for the G (3rd) which is either .018 plain or .021 wound.

I base my sound on a setup that doesn't need a bunch of processing to catch people's attention. These strings help me get a sound that is "so real, you can touch it!"
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