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03/14/2010 11:00 pm
Ok.. need to setup the action and neck a bit still and route the battery.

Here is the basic sound idea of what the Modded frankenstrat with the
sustainiac device on can start to do.

There are no displays of any musicianship here, just making some sounds,
trying to get a feel for the thing myself. Today is the first day I actually sat down to play the thing and I am just not into it (funny how that works out).

But as promised here is a clip. Those who understand sustainers will find
nothing of interest in the clip. The curious might though. And again,
sorry for the lack of 'music' on this one.. I just wanted to display
some of what one could expect to hear from this kind of device. And while
the sounds are fun, the real joy is in the feel of strings coming alive
under your fingers, even late at night with headphones.


The beginning I hit an E chord a few times so you can hear what she sounds like clean. I am running it through a 60 dollar Behringer Modeler with
it set to a dirtied bassman setting with some reverb. Other than that it
is just the guitar doing what it does.

I'd like to get some clips of it through a live amp, because it really
does come alive. As soon as I get it set up and playable (A bit stiff right
now) I'll drop some more clips of some fingerpicking and clean sounds.

IN the mean time I hope this suffices, and again, sorry for the shoddy
playing.. it was just a one time through, is what it is thang. I haven't
a creative bone in my body at the moment, nor do I feel like playing much.
(But I do feel like setting it up).