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01/30/2010 3:48 am
Here's a new one fresh off my mac...


Clouds forming a purpling horizon

Sun setting to my right

I can see as Venus rises

Into the blue twilight

I can see those Tibetan mountains

Searching for that lost Shangri La

Flying through the heavens now

As we search for that bright morning star

I’m flying over the desert baby

I’m flying as far as the eye can see

Right over top of those snow capped mountains

Soaring over that deep blue sea

Nobody can stop this fire from burning

Burning with her love tonight

Stepping out on the razors edge

Flying off into the night

I can see that new moon rising

In the darkened skies up ahead

I can see that brand new horizon

With a few turbulence up ahead

With the stratus clouds just above us

Now we know we’re almost there

She makes me feel like all things are possible

As we hurl through the night air

Morning has arrived

And we’ve landed to a slow sunrise

You and me together

When we move into the light

Find your way into the elegance of paradise

Here we are

but we journeyed so very far

© 2010 FrankAxtell All Rights Reserved.
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