The Blues

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01/23/2010 1:00 pm
A new blues tune...


You're runnin' around
with a no good crowd
You're playin' with fire
and you don't know how
The rumor is
you've been all over town
With so many lovers
You don't know which way is up or down
You think you're havin' your fun now
But soon this lifestyle
will take you down
oh yeah

Your daddy's done left you
and you say your momma has let you down
You're hangin' in a roadhouse
in the wrong part of town
and now your movin'
and puttin' that whiskey down
gamblin' on a dangeous game
It'll only bring down
I'll see you 'round baby
but you've only got yourself to blame
for this up and comin' meltdown
oh yeah

"Study and show yourself approved"

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