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hold your horses wannabe...not all canadian music sucks..seen our lady peace in vancouver opened for VH and they rocked the crowd..even eddie stated "they rock"...who are you to argue with eddie, unless you do not value his opinion...

now to address your foolish name calling escapade...

ever heard of a little canadian trio by the name of RUSH...ahh now your memory is jogged...put out alot more alums in the states than most of the american one hit wonders combined...(not knocking these bands, just trying to prove a point)...

how about another trio by the name of TRIUMPH...musically these bands had what it takes...soul, determination and lots of talent

there are so many others...HEART,GUESS WHO,BTO,HAYWIRE,APRIL WINE,ALANNIS MORRISETTE...i am sure i will miss a bunch...but you guys know who you are

i do not agree with the crtc ruling of listening to canadian music at a certain percentage to create canadian artists...i personally don't think we need a crutch to establish a hit song...makes the artist lazy
we should have to work as hard as the next guy to become the ultimate musician/ songwriter

i am canadian and i am proud of that fact...i love all music canadian, american, south american, african, indian ETC ETC ETC...

please don't insult my canadian intelligence with your americas better than all mentality...we are here to learn not to judge...

furthermore when your name is on the back of an album and you have sold more records than any of the acts i have mentioned, then and only then shall you be an authority on which music sux

take care and learn from what is stated above

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