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Fair enough, but the thing is - Metallica never wanted to be popular....Thrash metal ISN'T mainstream, it's not meant to be played in discos, parties - it's for real live gigs....also, Metallica are HUGE!!! why do they need to sell out to a world were all they really get in return is money....I makes me wonder, is this the way it inevitably goes?....Admittly, if you don't want it to happen, and you try enough, it won't - but is that really enough?....
Also, what's all the stuff with them suing everything?...Why?! They've got loads of money in their bank accounts, they were still cabable of packing out hordes of stadiums across Amercain, Europe, The East....Why do all this?....

An interesting perspective though, unfortunatly, one I can't PERSONALLY!!! agree with....doesn't mean its wrong!!!
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