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Hey, I'd like people thoughts on something....Now, I'd consider myself a Metalli-fan, so for that reason I don't take too kindly to people slagging them off for no reason - "You're entitle to your opinion, just don't voice it near me" sorta thing, hehe....But, I'm sure you'll all agree, (fan or not) in recent times, the band have really changed...Take their new single for Mission Impossible II - Not a bad song, quite catchy....but a little too.....MTV for what Metallica are....were, all about....They're getting caught up in the popularity fuzz...Don't get me wrong, I know they're doing what they want with their music, that's a good thing, I know....but why must it be so **** mainstream?!!! Metallica were part of the four (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and....urrrr...Slayer I think....D'oh!) who difined thrash, gave us those melodic, crunching, kick-ass riff we all like to play from time to time...and now, pop sinks in and takes away there edge.....What do you guys think?....Like I said, you're entitled to your opinions, feel free to voice them, but please explain why you feel that way, I'd like an intelligent discussion (which I'm sure I'll get from this paticular board) not a "Metallica are s**t, it's about fu***ng time they rolled over!!.....Korn 4eva!!!!....." sorta thing....

There you go....

BTW - Metal's only one of my interests in case your wondering, I do listen to some VERY different styles.....just in case...
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