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I'm jamming Zeppelin and i started thinking. What was Plant's obsession with lemons? Also, the equipment used by Led Zeppelin is something i'd like to know more about. I know Page had telecasters and Les Pauls, but what about amps? Any trivia you all have, feel free to post it.

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well... i'm not exactly sure what he used in the way of amps... i know he added some marshalls to his setup eventually but he had some other stuff too...

he also used some hollowbody guitars, probably gibsons..

i'd be interested to find out what other stuff he used too, never really thought about it until you mentioned it..

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I always thought that he mostly if not entirely used marshalls with zeppelin. As for plant's obsession with lemmons, I think a lot of old bluesmen had the whole "squeeze my lemon" lyric in some of their songs, but I know that robert johnson used it in Travelling Riverside Blues, a song that zeppelin covered on the BBC sessions, so that could be where Pant got the idea.

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ohh my favorite band! Page used Marshall amps all the time the guitars are the Tele, Doubleneck SG(i can't remember but i think it was epiphone) and the LP,s. As with Plant and lemons as you know Led was known for their sexual antics (ie the fish)and the lemon is a sexual metaphor that he like to sing because he could say "squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg" so he could slip that by censors.Hey if you need Tab's for Zep I have the huge tab book from superhype publishing. Later on Led heads.
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they've got a list of all the equipment he's ever used at guitar www.guitarsrule.com and other guitarists.
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I haven't looked at that site yet but i just remembered Jimmy also had a Danelectro. And one of the double necks were gibson and the other epiphone. I hear the beach calling me, later.
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