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02/10/2023 4:35 pm
#0 Originally Posted by: equator
A very good DAW is Reaper.
It does the same things you would expect from Pro tools or Cubase.
This is more advanced than Audacity.
Try it for free and if you like it buy it or donate.

All you need to start off is an USB sound interface.
(You can find inexpansive ones on ebay)

After you get used to recording with this setup, you can upgrade to a more powerful computer, interface with plentty of ins and outs, monitors, screens, etc.

But the way, Reaper accepts most VST and VSTI plugings, whereas Audacity is very limmited on that regard.

Good luck :)

"But the way, Reaper accepts most VST and VSTI plugings, whereas Audacity is very limmited on that regard."

True.  But Audacity does a much better job of stealing and selling your pesonal data!  😏😆

Reaper is, as equator stated a very good DAW.  There may be better, more powerful ones.  There probably are.  No, I'm sure there are more powerful ones.  


1) For 98.7% of the requirements of us newbies getting started with digital recording, Reaper will serve.

2) A more powerful DAW, to fulfill that 1.3% of the stuff that we will never need, is going to cost multiples of what Reaper costs.  I think Reaper now costs something like $60.  It is embarrasingly cheap compared to the more powerful ones.  Not only that, you don't need to pay for it until you have tried it!  I can't remember how long the trial is.  3 months?

3) Any DAW is going to have a huge learning curve.  Reaper is no different.  But Reaper has hundreds of teaching videos on their website.  And, Reaper has a really friendly, helpful forum, also on their site, that will help you with any question you have.  They even have a subforum caalled "Newbieland", the purpose of which is self-evident.  They have cheerfully answerred many of my very dumb questions.


It will be very difficult to go wrong with Reaper.

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