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This may be way off topic, but I thought I'd try anyway...

I am looking at software to teach me how to sing. I have no ambitions beyond the local karaoke or Rock Band/Guitar Hero scene. I just want to develop a decent voice without paying $40 a session to a vocal coach. Call me cheap. I just want to sing for my own enjoyment.

Anyway, I've looked at Singorama, Sing and See, etc. There are a ton of 'em out there, all with plenty of knocks against them. I just wanted to see what you good folks would recommend.

Maybe you guys could start SingingTricks.com?

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Kevin Taylor
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I just took a glance in the Kelly's Music and Computers catalogue and about the only thing in there besides ear training software is one called "Singing Coach"
and "Singing Coach Unlimited" that allows you to import your own MIDI files and twice the amount of songs.
Apparently it's a series of lessons that includes warm-ups, techniques, exercises and complete songs and comes with a headset microphone.
It tracks your singing and displays it onscreen and determines your vocal range by having you sing a high note, then a low note.

There's no info on price though and I've never used it myself so you might want to Google around a bit and get some reviews from people that have actually used it.
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Singing Coach Unlimited looks like a good candidate for me. I got it for $44 off of eBay. Thank you for the tips!

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