Musician Life after school

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Ive been playing for almost 2 years now..i mainly play for my worship team and my church loves what ive done to add to the songs and also change them, before i played with them i was really working hard on a lot of shredding techniques i got around to them and have excelled in them and ive been told that for less than 2 years of experience i have a skill that i need to use about to graduate high school and im headed off to college...but i really would love to start a band because i have to leave that church band... im afraid it would be hard to get both school and band stuff done...

but ive had 4 bands ask me to join them
so i think it would be fun to do that and play different styles of music and not have to be completley dedicated to one band so that i can also focus on school

can i do that? and if i can how would let those bands know of my plan?
am i making the right decision?
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