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05/02/2008 8:52 pm
Maestro Shaz - excellent take, plenty of 'maestro' level jamming. I really lked this one, it had a couple of hooks and some very interesting runs and passages. Thumbs up as usual!

I love that shredding from down under - good to see you around here again mate. Nice job on this track, sounds like a ripping jam from start to finish. Some parts worked better than others but over all a nice job. Killer chops and speed runs;-)

Plenty of different tonal experiments - liked the wah wor. One string sounded slightly out (perhaps the intonation) to my dodgy ears. Some unusual harmonies that worked well, had a 50's feel to it in places (ala Pulp Fiction). Good job again - liked the way the theme came in throughout the piece too;-)

Yet another hot babe on your page - good choice this month as usual!! Nice thick overdriven tone, liked the thematic approach and some lovely syncopated pentatonic licks in there. I reckon this one would benefit greatly from a little bit of delay (I overdid it on my track!) and a smidgen of reverb to add some atmosphere. Nice solo and playing though, big improvement in your accuracy since the last time I heard you play.

Wow, cool tones from the start and a nice harmonised dual guitar playing opposing licks - works very well. Followed by some fine axe work and a nice mix of tones and effects. The basic three or four note approach really works on this track. Great job, love that intro/outro hook.

You found your groove pretty quickly with a scalar run that works very well - a little heavy on the flanger type effect but what the hell. More nice harmonies, plenty of harmonised runs this month. Liked the section starting around the 1.30 mark followed by that nice screaming solo. Only suggestion is to work on the vibratto a little, huge imprvements in your playing though. Good job!

Cookie Monster
Totally different approach, nice feel playing - very bluesy, lovely jam feel to it. Nicely played throughout, would liked for you to break out of the pentatonics for one or too of the riff changes - still though it sounded damn fine. Loved the second section - sounded like you started to open up and let things rip Blackmore-style;-) Very cool.

Havent heard you play before - nice job, unnexpected and unusual phrasings in the section riff change, liked that a lot. Great phrasing throughout, very fluid playing. Only thing I would have liked would be a different mode or key change to add a high point in the centre - than again thats just my taste, I was expecting an explsive high point in the middle. All around a very good solo.

My 2 favourites were Maestro Shaz - world class player with all the chops in the right places
Mpaq - nice job, good use of tones and some unusual patterns

Vote goes to Maestro Shaz for technique and pure tone - not the most inspired piece I've heard you play but it had it very 'shiny' moments that stole the show.