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04/02/2008 12:39 am
Alright, so I haven't been really busy, but I have been doing something.

One of my friends is studying in Spain and while she is away she is letting me look after her acoustic guitar. I never had one and only played them briefly but it turned out to be a lot of fun and a great tool for writing and learning songs and improving my singing. I think I have become a much better player, become more well rounded, and have improved as a musician in general.

However one of the down sides to an acoustic is that it has caused me to write some very uncharacteristic songs. It has also led to me recording these songs because it is so much simpler to record acoustic guitar than all that noise rock and metal I was trying to play.

Anyway I thought I should justify why this stuff is a bit different, and that coupled with somethings that have been going on in my life means that the newest one is almost an outright love song (a sad one I guess... it's an after the fact sorta thing) which is totally lame.

But I have several songs written and I am about to post them, so with out further adieu:

(in order from oldest to newest)

Silver stars float above our heads to make us
feel their charms, in light of all dark incantations
to spite all this, we falter and fall victim to our
hearts secrets, we will never conquer or demons

the moons broken face
reminds me of you
I gave chase
not good enough for you

we lay in fields of golden wheat that's used for kindling
our broken legs, and circles burn around our bodies
just let go, of all these fears you hold in your heart
and let them burn, forever leaves no room for all of

them starring at
the weakened light
chase them away
your freedom comes to night

The sky is dark, again we threw away our chances
to set things right, we stare up at this magnificent
purple sheet, that covers heaven to hide all of the
truths we seek, there is no reason to believe in me

song 2

Stuffed cold hands that melt in the snow
Stuff your hands down it's swollen throat
pull away at its pulse to find
the broken hearts and flowing vines
growing out of holes in walls
leaking foam that bleeds and crawls
changing shape and moving eyes
to show the light how water cries

I know I won't find
the way home
I know we may try
living in the snow

Freezing chairs scream out for webs
that bind them to their hearts secrets
germs all eat away at wires
and towers fall like broken spires
peaceful meadows burn until
the night bird comes drops on them
a blanket of dark purple mass
that covers all their faces
and forces out of their last hole
a blooming scar from fires untold
!-- these two lines were removed but I'll leave them in here.

I know I won't find
My way home
I Know we may try
living in the snow

song 3 (something a little more aggressive)

I saw another comet in the waiting room
I went and felt a stranger through a plastic tube
This cheek is soft and fleshy wont it carry a tune
but this cybernetic stopper busts into my gloom, to say

body bye bye
body bye bye
(2x more)

Now Jesus knows his father will be coming soon
so we air out all our bones and start digging a tomb
this holographic surface talking in my head tells me
someone gonna catch us if we wind up dead, singing

body bye bye
body bye bye
(2x more)

laughing gas that chokes the mass thats sanctuary soon
breaking mother's dirty glass and then you bury her too
Now I know there's something coming cause I heard it move
I put my ear down to the carpet and thumping grew, going

body bye bye
body bye bye
(2x more)

Franticly now we breath as our giants come to
I want to throw you in a closet, want to make it your tomb
I want to forget all your faces want them buried with you
I want to know why all my visions are watching you screw, screaming

body bye bye
body bye bye
(2x more)

song 4 (last but not least)

I never knew, what it took to make you say, that there's nothing good left
inside me
But I'll take it all in stride, yes I'll take it all inside and there it sits still
watching me
I'm a ghost outside at night, like a ghost you feel inside, it is the memory of the boy
I used to be
Now I'll roll up in these sheets, and I'll hide from all the light, cause pain just hurts to much
to even see
and despite my desperate cries, color still fills my eyes, and it's forming into shapes
that remind me
Of a girl I used to know, whose hurt was deep and cold, but a greater beauty you
could never find

Now as night falls between us, your love for me will rust, in the rain that's falling down
to wash us clean
but for me this no end, my love will strain and bend my back until it breaks
me into two
regretting all the time, your love could have been mine, but you couldn't love something
you've never seen
oh why couldn't have I, had the courage to try, and to tell you all the things
that you should know
when I look into your eyes, my insides twist and cry, cause I want so badly for
you to know
so I gave to you my book, and from me my heart you took, it was the last piece of myself
I had to give
And then I walked away, it's just to hard to stay near you or anyone
anyone at all
so please forgive me, for making such a scene, making all these roses die
feeling worthless all the time, for treating you unkind, but mostly you should know
Your Beautiful

Alright that is probably incredibly long. Thanks to anyone who reads any of it at all, and a super duper extra double thanks to anyone one who tells me what they think about whichever one(s) you read.

As always harsh and honest opinions and critiques are more than welcome.