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02/05/2008 11:42 pm
Roctron Banshee talkbox

Good things
-It has a pre-amp of about 5-10watts
-Tone knob, distortion knob, and volume knob.
-Amplifier and speaker out puts
-If you take out the tube it can be used as a little amp in itself...kinda cool if you're just going to a friends and don't want to bring your amp.
-Very well built in comparison to some other talk boxes.
-It sounds great! It's fun!

Bad things
-The tube falls out of the talkbox kind of easily so you just can't move around much when using it.
-Doesn't work so well on keyboards
-You can't turn it off without unplugging activate the talkbox by pressing on the button with your foot, but as long as it's plugged in the red light is on...not really a big deal though.
-Makes you feel kind of light headed after using it for a while but that's just talkboxes in general

Here's sort of what it sounds cover of Death's song "smother"

It's about 150 bucks new, I picked mine up for 90 used though. I'd say it was well worth it, really fun pedal to mess around with. I'd say out of the three main talkboxes out on the market, Heli talk box, danelectro, and Roctron, the roctron is the best made and sounding. Well worth the money.

It can also work as a little mini amp because if you plug your guitar into it the sound comes out of the hole on the top where the tube goes, it doesn't sound great, and a little rattly but it's alright if you're just going to a friends and don't want to lug your amp.
With the tube plugged in it's fairly loud, probably around 5-10 watts which isn't bad for the size of the pedal, but if you're playing with a band you'd definetly need to mic it.

It doesn't sound as good on keyboards, I'm not sure why, it sounds alright but if you want it for a keyboard you might want to do some more reasearch.
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