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As much as I want that madman caught and punished, I have to agree that my faith in the administration and the abilities of the military to capture him are a bit diminished. I am a Viet Nam Vet and I surely don't have to tell you how that thing ended.

I suppose that from my perspective, I see the military capabilities hampered by the administration. Bush seems to be giving them (the military) what they need to succeed. I guess we can only hope and maybe support the effort as best we can.

I am still convinced that we did exactly what Bush 1st. proclaimed that we would do in the Iraq war. I remember him saying that we were there to liberate the OIL (oh sorry, the good people of Kawait) and never mentioned bringing So Damn Insane to justice. If I am wrong here please correct me, but I can't honestly remember Bush making that statement.

My opinion: That was a major mistake and we are paying for it today.

Castro: Geesh, we should have wasted that guy in the 60's when we still had the power to do that. Now he is just an old man but, still very powerful. Did you know that Cuban Regular's were used in Viet Nam to interrogate and torture American POW's?