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Immediately following the original bombing of the WTC building I was flown to an undisclosed site in Northern NJ to assist three companies in the recovery of their businesses. During that time I made a lot of friends just by default. When you are in the company of innocent people that have been the victims of a malicious deed such as that, you tend to become part of their lives as they share the horrid details of their experience.

Some of the people never returned to the WTC but, many did return as they felt a duty not only to their employer but to their country and their customers. I have discovered that all of the people that I knew from that company (a Japanese Bank) perished.

I have had to think about their faces and hear their voices every time I see the building go down, every time I see those planes crash into the buildings, and every time I see a family member of one of the victims on TV.

You have to understand why I feel the way that I feel. Maybe Bin Lauden appears to you not to be a fool but, if I had perpetrated that deed and had the most powerful military in the world hunting me, tracking me, sending in Delta Force troups, who by the way do not take prisoners, and had my own people sideing against me, I would feel very foolish. If he does not feel that way, then he truly is a madman.

This whole matter is more than political to me. In fact, the political implications mean nothing to me. Many innocent people all over the world have suffered personal losses. I expect to see justice served in this case. Justice is something that we as a free people seldom see contrary to popular belief.

As far as the UN, maybe it is just a tool for crime but; could that be only a matter of interpretation? I think the crime in the world is the way so much hostility is created in the name of religion. And who is right and who is wrong in their religious beliefs is a subject that will go to the grave with all of us. What if we die and thats it! It is hard to imagine a God that is so perfect in creation but would create a society of beasts like the human race.

I think evil is in the hearts of mankind.

I think goodness is also in the hearts of mankind.

Sorry for the unloading but I had to let you know why I was so frustrated by your statement. It is just very personal to me.

As one guitar player to another,